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LIGONIER, Ind. (Feb. 2, 2018) - Outdoor brand Marmot has launched its new flagship rain jacket, EVODry, with ECO PASSPORT® certified finishing technology from Green Theme International™ (GTI). Marmot was the first to implement Aquavent, GTI’s waterless treatment for breathable water protection.

After five years of research and testing, Aquavent was launched in January 2018. GTI’s new technology, which eliminates water usage from traditional DWR (Durable Water Repellency) finishing processes, was designed to eliminate harmful PFCs.

GTI partnered with Hohenstein Group to earn the ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX® certification.

"We feel that Hohenstein's rigorous standards and efficacy makes them the gold standard in textile testing worldwide,” says GTI’s Marketing Director, Brian LaPlante. “That's why we chose Hohenstein to vet our PFC-Free chemistry for our ECO PASSPORT certification."

The ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX® program can be used to assess chemical products across the textile and leather supply chain in a confidential process that confirms that the formulations and individual ingredients meet specific criteria for sustainability, safety, and regulatory compliance. Chemical formulations are checked against the extensive OEKO-TEX® list of substances of concern and then verified by laboratory evaluation to ensure that they do not contain unsafe contaminants. The ECO PASSPORT certification is part of the modular portfolio of OEKO-TEX® certifications and consumer labels used by over 10,000 companies.


About Hohenstein

With global headquarters in Bönnigheim, Germany and 1000 employees in offices and labs around the world, Hohenstein offers accredited and independent textile testing, certification, research and development as well as training for more than 70 years. Product labels such as the Hohenstein quality label or the UV Standard 801 support manufacturers and retailers in their marketing activities. As a founding member, Hohenstein is also one of the most important laboratories for testing within the OEKO-TEX® portfolio. www.Hohenstein.US


With 27 years of experience, OEKO-TEX® leads the world in empowering and enabling consumers and companies to protect our planet by making responsible decisions. OEKO-TEX® provides standardized solutions which optimize customers’ manufacturing processes and help deliver high quality, more sustainable products. All products within the OEKO-TEX® portfolio are used to strengthen customers’ systems, processes or products and help create more sustainable companies. More than 10,000 manufacturers, brands, and retailers in nearly 100 countries are working with OEKO-TEX® to ensure their products are tested for potentially harmful substances. Millions of consumers around the world look for OEKO-TEX® labels before making buying decisions. OEKO-TEX® certified products and suppliers can be located in the OEKO-TEX® Online Buying Guide at

About Green Theme International™

Green Theme International™ is a B Corporation with a mission to eliminate water use and pollution from the textile industry through 21st century innovation and the cleanest possible manufacturing practices available. GTI’s technology greatly improves fabric performance without the use of water and harmful chemicals while enhancing consumer’s product experiences. We call this Performance for the Planet

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