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Zurich, Switzerland (November 2, 2022) – In its 30th year of dedication to safer textiles and leather, OEKO-TEX® has created a new brand identity. The global certifier of textile and leather products and production worked with branding agency Schwitzke ID to build the clear and unified OEKO-TEX® World.

OEKO-TEX® aims to create trust within the textile and leather industry and for their customers. The new brand identity will not change that. "Our values remain," says OEKO-TEX® General Secretary Georg Dieners. "In fact, they inspired our brand refresh." Based on scientific principles, OEKO-TEX® has been promoting transparency in the textile and leather industry for three decades. Transparency is essential for enabling companies and consumers to make responsible decisions. “The new branding reflects the active, solution-oriented and positive approach. With our independent test institutes, we certify to clear, globally uniform criteria, which we communicate openly," says Inga Bleyer, Global Head of Marketing. "Our new look is clear, consistent and transparent."

The most visible change is the new OEKO-TEX® logo, based on a geometric square and an organic circle, which reflect the scientific approach of OEKO-TEX® and the nature it aims to protect. The logo typo is supported by a stylized, organic form reminiscent of natural structures, such as leaves, drops or textile loops. The reduced colour palette highlights the umbrella brand with a new OEKO-TEX® Green plus black and white. A related colour palette supplements communication about OEKO-TEX® products. The product logos are subordinate to the umbrella brand, creating a unified hierarchy. This will make communication easier for OEKO-TEX®-certified companies and foster end consumer recognition.

The lengthy transition period through 2024 considers sustainability. Customers should start the conversion now and may use any existing labels through the end of 2024. OEKO-TEX® customers have access to a label editor with new, more flexible layouts and a labelling guide on the OEKO-TEX® website.

Parallel to the rebranding, OEKO-TEX® is launching a new RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS tool and certification

Increasing regulations around the world require supply chain due diligence. Companies will be legally committed to implement human rights and environmental due diligence in their company and their international supply chains. The OEKO-TEX® RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS tool and the certification will support the textile and leather industry in addressing these challenges. Participating brands, retailers and traders can choose between a self-assessment of their due diligence status and an additional certification to validate the assessment results. The certification can be used in public communication and reporting. OEKO-TEX® RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS is based on a large number of international guidelines, most prominently, the OECD guidelines for multinational companies, with an additional focus on climate protection.

Detailed information on OEKO-TEX® RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS is available here.

For 30 years, OEKO-TEX® has been offering standardized solutions that companies in the textile and leather industry can use to transparently and sustainably optimize their manufacturing processes. Based on scientific principles, OEKO-TEX® contributes to bringing high-quality, safe and sustainable products onto the market. 21,000 manufacturers, brands and trading companies in more than 100 countries are currently working with OEKO-TEX®. At the same time, millions of consumers around the world use the OEKO-TEX® labels as a guide for their responsible purchasing decisions. Products and suppliers certified by OEKO-TEX® can be found online in the OEKO-TEX® Buying Guide at www.oeko-tex.com/en/buying-guide.

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