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Safely and Sustainably Regulated - Reusable Period Underwear

Reusable period panties offer a convenient, more sustainable alternative or supplement to conventional hygiene products for girls and women.

However, determining performance (absorbance, comfort, leak-proof) is only possible through testing.

In cooperation with textile producer Femtech/MAS, we have developed a test method (FEMTECHMAS-HOHENSTEIN-6513-2022:01) that covers essential requirements for reusable period underwear. The test method specifies, among other things, the maximum absorption capacity before leakage.

Suitable for: All types of body fluids (e.g. menstruation, urinary incontinence, etc.)

Test Criteria:

  • Fluid absorption capacity
  • Retention capacity of absorbed liquid
  • Speed of liquid absorbtion
  • Strongly recommended: Fit
  • Optional: durability or service life

In addition, the following claims can be tested:

  • Antimicrobial efficacy against relevant test germs (e.g. bacteria, yeasts)
  • Biocompatibility (cytotoxicity, sensitization and irritation)
  • Olfactometric comparative study on odor management
  • Use simulation (frequent washing)
  • Removability of stains
  • Other common textile tests

Whether for bladder weakness or heavy periods, your customers can safely rely on products that have been awarded the Hohenstein Quality Label.

Ben Mead
Managing Director
Hohenstein Americas