Wear comfort

The Hohenstein Institute is the world's leading research and service centre in the field of clothing physiology. Our experts have played a crucial role in shaping this science of the systematic construction of functional clothing (Wikipedia-Clothing physiology) over the past 60 years – we therefore have a wealth of experience which is of direct benefit to you when optimising your products.

The Hohenstein skin model and the thermal articulated manikins "Charlie"(adults) and "Charlene" (children) are just three examples of meaningful test procedures "Made in Hohenstein", which now represent international standards and are prescribed in various norms to determine key data on heat and moisture management (heat insulation and breathability) of all types of clothing, as well as gloves, ((Compression) hosiery or bandages .

In addition to these thermophysiological aspects, the effect of textiles on the skin (skin sensory properties) is a decisive influence on the comfort of the textiles for the wearer or user.

In this field, too, we can provide you with specific support in product development or provide neutral evidence of compliance with specifications resulting from norms or terms of purchase and delivery by means of numerous laboratory tests such as determining the wetting index or measuring the number of contact points.

Using the Hohenstein Quality label , you also have the option of documenting the test results directly on the product, for example in the form of the wear comfort rating, or, in the case of bedding, in the form of the Sleep comfort rating . It is also possible to combine this with other quality aspects, for example Fit and processing . An advantage of this form of Marketing is that you can benefit from the international reputation of the Hohenstein Institute and our credibility as a neutral test institute.