Application Steps.

Choose appendix 4/5 or 6/7.

Then choose first certification, renewal or extension.

You've got this.


  1. This description shows up on your certificate
  2. Choose only one product class. Chosen class covers all higher product classes and influences testing requirements
  3. Only for renewal or extension


Based on purpose and skin contact.


For manufacturers of textiles only. 


For manufacturers of leather only.


  • Producers: Is address on company info same as production site? 
    No - Add address here.
    Attach word doc with additional locations
  • Non-producers: If you skipped section 4.1, check this box 
  • Have you already started another application?


  • Attached copies of certificates
  • Attach flow chart of quality assurance process


  • Check if SOME are pre-certified
  • Check if ALL pre-certified

You will need to include a list later in the application


  • Check if SOME are ECO PASSPORT certified
  • Check if ALL are ECO PASSPORT pre-certified

You will need to include a list later in the application.


"Applicant" applies to most.


Must include: 

  • All info copied from section 1 (sorry)
  • Detailed description of material composition
  • Process


  • No organic claim
  • All cotton is claimed as NON-GMO*
  • Part of the cotton is NON-GMO, but organic is not declared*
  • All materials are organic cotton*

*Attach basis certificate (GOTS or other traceability certificate)


Leave blank if unknown or N/A

7.4.1 – 7.4.7

  • Do not leave blank
  • If unknown, choose “not known”



Process changes - Renewal only

7.5.1 – 7.9

  • Complete if product is made of leather or contains leather components
  • Skip if no leather 
  • Choose “not known” if unknown



Process changes - Renewal only


Biologically active substances
Yes (+ list) or no


Flame retardant substances
Yes (+ list) or no


Specific navy blue
Yes or no


Describe processing for non-textile and non-leather materials


Describe any other treatments


Skip section if manufacturer - only complete if buying product to resell without further processing


Number of suppliers


Suppliers will be listed in tables at the end of the application

  • Name/address
  • Copy/paste answer from section 1
  • Don’t forget to sign!

Enclose a copy of each OEKO-TEX® certificate with your application.

This spreadsheet is the 3rd tab in our supporting documents template.

This spreadsheet is the 4th tab in our supporting documents template.

This spreadsheet is the 5th tab in our supporting documents template.

More detail = lower testing cost

This spreadsheet is the 6th tab in our supporting documents template.

Only for mattress, carpet, foam furniture, leather

Using pre-certified materials decreases your certificate cost.

Be sure to request current certificates from all suppliers and check the scope.

Dyed textile/plastic accessory/etc.

  • Samples in RYGB plus BLACK and WHITE
  • Even distribution of dyes in each colored sample
  • High percentage, Saturated
  • Max 5-7 dyestuffs per sample


  • 12” x 12” full coverage drawdowns of RYGB+Blk+White

Heat transfer, sublimation, direct, etc.

  • Submit a collection of printed samples that will cover RYGB+Black+White in pattern


  • Completed and signed application
  • Signed Declaration of Conformity
  • Supplier certificates and supporting documents
  • Samples


Test sample packaging must satisfy specific quality requirements in order to protect the samples and guarantee accurate, reproducible and meaningful test results.

  • Test samples must be packed individually in tear resistant polyethylene film or polyethylene bags, to avoid contamination during transport
  • The samples should be wrapped twice and sealed with adhesive tape
  • The packed bags must be properly labeled for identification with sample numbers, material, supplier, receipts, etc.
  • Packing test samples solely in cardboard boxes and/or paper is strictly prohibited

Decoration Materials:

  • Test samples should be airtight and individually packed in clear plastic bags (essential for emission testing)
  • Description of the test samples must be enclosed as per the annex to the application for certification

Ship to:

     Hohenstein Institute America
     401 S. Cavin Street
     Ligonier, IN 46767

    Evaluation Steps.

    Hohenstein America team: 

    • Reviews the information and follows up with questions on any open items
    • Creates a testing plan
    • Provides the price for the certification
    • Ships the samples to our lab in Germany

    If all testing is passed, you will receive:

    • Test report
    • Certificate valid for 1 year
    • Product label valid for 1 year



    After the certificate is issued, we will schedule an on-site visitof your facility to complete the certification process.


    • Within 1 year of certificate 
    • Every 3rd year thereafter

    To ensure:

    • Application matches reality
    • Quality assurance system is in place
    • Knowledge of certificate benefits & cost reduction opportunities
    Abby Mead
    OEKO-TEX® Certification Manager
    Hohenstein Institute America